Monday, January 13, 2014

Six Steps to writing a Right-Wing best selling book

Purchased in Bulk

Have you ever wondered how conservative "authors" like Rush, Sarah, O Reilly write books that land on the best sellers list?

The answer:

With a little help from friends.

The tried and proven recipe -- just ask Rush Limbaugh -- to make an extreme right-wing book into a best seller?

Six Steps to writing a Right-Wing best selling book:

  1. Find a right wing billionaire benefactor: Example A -- Koch brothers.
  2. Hire a ghost writer to organize and commit conservative extremism to print.
  3. Pay right wing bloggers to write positive book reviews.
  4. Book an appearance on Fox News.
  5. Hawk books on Hate Radio.
  6. Have billionaire benefactor buy 400k worth of books to pass out at conventions.

Think this is far-fetched...

A Right-Wing Group’s $400K Purchase of Mark Levin’s Book Sets Off a Ruckus

A conservative group targeting establishment GOP incumbent senators spent nearly half a million dollars buying copies of a book by conservative talk show host Mark Levin. Was it coincidence or quid pro quo?
A political group buys over $400,000 worth of copies of a book written by a radio talk show host who actively promotes their cause. Coincidence or quid pro quo?

That’s the debate that broke out across the conservative movement last week when Politico revealed that the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), the right wing group targeting establishment Republican senators, had spent $427,000 to buy copies of Mark Levin’s four-year-old book Liberty or Tyranny to distribute to donors. Not surprisingly, Levin is a big supporter of candidates backed by the SCF like Matt Bevin, the Tea Party challenger to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The article in and of itself didn’t cause a furor. What did raise a ruckus was when Brad Dayspring, the spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) tweeted it out, saying “WHOA! Senate Conservatives Fund spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make Mark Levin’s book a bestseller.”

That tweet created a political tempest. Levin went on the offensive, both on his radio show and on Facebook, where he posted a message saying, “Mitch McConnell’s National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) hit man, some idiot named Brad Dayspring, does not intimidate me and will not silence me with his sleazy inside-the-beltway tactics.”  source

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