Thursday, June 5, 2014

GOP: Wants You Stuck on Stupid

The elephant -- the real King/Queen of the jungle (just ask any lion) -- represents the GOP symbol.

The elephant is known to be very cognitively blessed. In particular, the elephant has a well deserved reputation of never forgetting.

Elephants are incredible creatures.

The largest land mammals on earth, they show a wide range of behavioral and emotional patterns in their up-to-60-year lifespans. They grieve over the bodies of dead herd members, and can even recognize their own reflections in a mirror. And, of course, there's that old saying: "Elephants never forget." While it may be an exaggeration, there's more truth to the adage than you might realize. 

In the wild, an elephant’s memory is key to its survival—and its herd’s. Each herd has a matriarchal structure, with one older female in charge. When younger males in the group reach sexual maturity—usually around 14 years of age—they leave the herd to roam solo or occasionally form groups with other males. Proof of elephants' long memories lies in their behavior: When confronted with an unfamiliar elephant, matriarchs will huddle in defensive positions because they realize that those elephants could pose a threat to the herd's safety.

Science has also proven that elephants have great memories.  source
No Doubt

So, as Alanis Morissette would say, Isn't it ironic that the party of the GOP elephant wants you to forget.

They want the American people and their Ditto Head faithful to be stuck on stupid. Their slight-of- hand-tricks are assisted by big corporate owned media and their sugar daddies: The Koch kinfolks.

Fact in point:

Rhetoric: "We are for ending the era of Big Government"

Fact: The size of government under Nixon, Reagan, Poppa Bush and Baby Bush extensively grew in depth and size.

President Obama isn’t a tax raising, government growing, socialist. Obama is a centrist Democrat...
Obama has done more to cut government than any Republican president in the modern era, but this hasn’t stopped the GOP from playing to their base with outrageous claims that have no basis in fact. source
Rhetoric: "We do not negotiate with terrorist"
Fact: Republicans are predictably foaming at the mouth over the news that the Obama administration secured the release of American soldier Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay. Even more predictable, the right-wing rage is unfounded.
As Lt. Col. Robert Bateman explained, throughout its history the United States has engaged in prisoner swaps to gain the freedom of its servicemen captured in battle. And as it turns out, the one modern president who actually negotiated with terrorists is the same one conservatives revere most, Ronald Reagan.  read more
Rhetoric: "We are the party of deficit hawks."
Fact: Doing the time of escalating deficits under Saint Ron Raygun (deficit tripled), our 44th president, Dick Cheney (don't trip we all know he bamboozled W the first term) famously uttered:
(Cheney told former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill that) “(Ronald) Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.” source

Rhetoric: "Read my lips, no new taxes"

Fact: Yea, word, it was Pappa Bush that made this declaration (and then raised taxes), but the cult followers of Raygun believe their guy never compromised on a tax cut or raise. Well, in truth, Raygun, to his credit, let the economy and not party politics dictate taxes.

In fact, Mr. Reagan, as president, raised taxes 11 times.

...Reagan was not the man conservatives claim he was. This image of Reagan as a conservative superhero is myth, created to unite the various factions of the right behind a common leader. In reality, Reagan was no conservative ideologue or flawless commander-in-chief. Reagan regularly strayed from conservative dogma — he raised taxes eleven times as president while tripling the deficit — and he often ended up on the wrong side of history, like when he vetoed an Anti-Apartheid bill.  read more

For more on this subject:

An elephant may never forget, but the elephants of the GOP are sure hoping that you will, well, overlook a few inconvenient truths in their march to bring back 19th century capitalism without a social safety net. Sadly, so does the media caught between the story and an epic pay day.

Their vested interest and power, without regard to consequence or the welfare of the nation, is only countered by you. read entire article

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