Friday, July 4, 2014

Fox News ignores positive job report.

Good Obama News: "Not up in here"
For some odd reason, call it my keen intuition -- yea right, a first grader could make this call -- I was not surprised Fox News downplayed the following positive job report and Dow Jones stories:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a surprisingly strong jobs report Thursday morning.

Employers added 288,000 jobs in June, significantly more than the 215,000 economists were anticipating.

The unemployment rate, which is drawn from a different survey of households, dropped from 6.3% to 6.1% the lowest rate since September 2008.

Immediately following the news the S&P 500, The Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite were in the green, continuing positive trends seen leading up to the pre-bell release. The Dow crossed 17,000 for the first time ever seconds after the opening bell before settling around 17,050.

The May payroll number was revised up from plus 217,000 jobs to plus 224,000. April’s employment number was also revised from 282,000 jobs added to 304,000. Total employment gains those months were therefore 29,000 higher than BLS — a division of the Department of Labor — previously reported. Job growth averaged 272,000 for the last three months.

“This was a strong report any way you slice it,” wrote RBS U.S. Economist Omair Sharif in a note on the news. Sharif pointed out that the unemployment rate is “where the Fed thought we would be at year-end, and it’s only June.”  source

This is great news for our economy, middle-class, investors, job seekers, manufacturers and bad news for the Fox News brand.

Fox, the "right wing propaganda machine" wants the Tea Party/GOP to win the Senate in the Mid-term elections (and then impeach Obama). In order to accomplish this goal, Fox has to keep their low information viewers on the ranch.

Positive news regarding the Obama administration -- are you kidding me -- is editorially blacked out (pun intended). Any perceived Obama misstep (Benghazi) and the Tea Party News Station runs wall-to-wall coverage 24/7.


As Brian Murphy succinctly stated on Facebook:

...their whole thing is to spend hundreds of millions to keep their base mad and angry and blaming the dems for everything in the world that is wrong....facts have nothing to do with it....if their base ever actually figured out that since 1980 they have been screwing the poor and middle class and that it is the GOP policies that are killing our country....they would be out of work.

as long as they can keep them fooled and dumb they get to keep doing things for the 1%....i know a lot of these people...and they think its hilarious how they can get so many poor and middle class GOP voters to keep voting for them despite all the things they do to help only the rich and business....its a big inside joke.

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