Monday, August 11, 2014

Pitching Phenom Mo'Ne Davis leads her team to the Little League World Series

Are you hip to the new pitching phenom hailing from the City of Brotherly Love?

Hint: This young pitcher does not play for the Phillies.

No, she -- yes, I said she -- pitches for her Little League team called the Taney Dragons of Philly. And this Dragon has slayed many batters (I know cheesy pun, I couldn't resist lol).

She is: 13 year old Mo'Ne Davis. Like I said, Girlfriend brings the heat. Her fastball has been clocked at the unfathomable speed of 70 MPH.

In fact, Mo'Ne has pitched her team (a three hit shut-out) into the Little League World Series.

The charismatic young lady does not just compete with, she dominates boys her age.

Additionally, if you catch her interview (see link), Miss Davis is poised beyond her age.

I gotta say, it's refreshing to see baseball re-capture the hearts of young urban America. Miss Davis -- in her Little League run to the World Series -- has also captured the attention of ESPN nation:

BRISTOL, Conn. -- Female pitcher Mo'ne Davis led her team into the Little League World Series, throwing a three-hitter Sunday to lead Taney Youth Baseball Association Little League of Philadelphia to an 8-0 victory over a squad from Delaware.

Davis struck out six in the six-inning game in the Mid-Atlantic Regional championship game.
The 13-year-old will become the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series in 68 years. It starts Thursday in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Earlier in the day, Emma March of South Vancouver Little League in  British Columbia, Canada, qualified. It will be the third time that two girls will be part of the same Little League World Series. read more

Last note: Maybe she can teach rapper 50 Cent how to throw like a girl.


  1. 18 girls have played in the Little League World Series? I had no idea there had been that many. I wonder how many boys have played in the girls' Little League World Series?

    Poor, poor 50. When you're a grown-ass, ripped man named "50" and you can't even reach that many MPH with your fastball, you better stay out of the clubhouse and stick to da club.

  2. Sounds like some ones pissed he couldn't play in the softball league.