Saturday, October 25, 2014

John Legends' wife tweets: "Just another Wednesday"

Wednesday, Wednesday just another day
Before I proceed, I must make a full disclosure:

The gun culture and I don't see eye to eye. Real talk: I understand hunters, gun collectors and folks that maintain a fire piece in the crib for family protection.

This ain't me, but I get it, even though, I don't get it.

But these paranoid, fire breathing and Armageddon promoting gun enthusiast are a "special" breed among themselves.

You know the type. They believe in two things:

  • The US Constitution is only about 2nd Amendment rights
  • Obama wants their guns.

OK, with that settle. here's our Gun Enthusiasts' ditty du jour:

Jeez! Chrissy Teigen is known for her sarcastic social media cracks, but on Wednesday, Oct. 22, the model was bullied off Twitter after receiving vicious death threats. It all began when Teigen tweeted about the fatal shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. John Legend's wife, in an attempt to point out America's ongoing gun violence, wrote: "Active shooting in Canada, or as we call it in America, Wednesday."

The tweet, however, didn't sit well with some followers, who attacked Teigen with threats like: "Rot in hell bitch" and "Sorry Canada, our Hollywood elits and its dumb models are idiots. Wish ISIS would give Chrissy a permanent haircut."  source

For the record: No disrespect to half-wits, but any half-wit could understand, Teigen was not being disrespectful to the dead or injured. She was merely alluding to the South-of-the-border -- USA -- new norm. 

Gun violence is as American as hot dogs and apple pie; and it happens so frequently we rarely bat an eye.

Folks in twitter land may hate on her, but it is what it is: Another Wednesday. 

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