Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dr Claude Anderson: Power of Group Economics and how to control the Police Force

When I reflect on the heightened level of community response to police abuse of power, whether it may be in Ferguson, NYC, Philly, Chicago, Houston or LA, I am pleased to see people taking the call to duty in the fight for justice.

The marches and rallies -- not riots and looting -- are excellent starting points to affect change.

But let us keep in perspective, after the march/rally the roll up the sleeves heavy lifting comes next. In other words, the march or rally is not the be all end all method for protestation and advancement of one's cause or community.

I digress for a moment:

There is no argument that political and legislative gridlock rules DC. The power brokers in both parties pass each other by like ships in the night. Common ground, reaching across the aisle, bi-partisanship and compromise are the exceptions not the rule.

So in this era of gridlock, what constituency was able to maneuver both parties to serve their interests?

Read on:

President Barack Obama on Monday signed into law a measure providing $225 million in emergency aid to Israel for its Iron Dome system, a key line of defense against rocket attacks Hamas has launched from Gaza.

The House and Senate cleared the bill on Friday. Israel had requested the money to speed up production of Iron Dome components and to maintain stockpiles.
"The United States is proud that the Iron Dome system developed in coordination with Israel and funded by the United States has saved countless Israeli lives," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. "Continued bipartisan support for Iron Dome funding ensures Israel will retain vital defense against rockets and artillery in light of the enduring threats."  source
Not arguing or hating on the merits of this bipartisan support, on the contrary, this example of power -- on the behalf of Jewish American and Israeli lobbying efforts -- serves as a template of how to use one's economic power to bring about political activity.
And when our community not only understands the abstract of the Power of Group Economics but implements a concrete plan of action for this to happen, we can finally discard the need for the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson preferred styles of protest -- the high profile march, rally or demonstration.
Watch the video for a fuller explanation:



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