Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore: "Burn Baby Burn"

One tweet hit it dead on, to paraphrase: Our country is stuck in a lose-lose "wash" cycle between the police and black citizens they patrol.

Kill, mourn, march, repeat...

And, in some places like Furguson and Bmore, add burn baby burn after the futility of peaceful marches.

And by burn we mean throwing a lawless temper tantrum and asking the Verizon question: can you hear me now?

Yesterday's horrifying images in a town just up the road from here in DC were heartbreaking. Directionless youth spilled into the streets creating destruction and mayhem in their own community.

It is an anger fueled by poverty, unemployment, ignorance, frustration and police brutality -- mixed with thugged up opportunists looking to get free shit.

And just like the Whispers sang:

The beat goes on
The beat goes on
The beat goes on

So, once again, we are left with the aftermath of destruction: massive property damage, other poor people rendered homeless, mom and pop businesses ransacked, much needed elderly center destroyed, police presence even more militarized and the high moral authority lost after international images depicting black bodies running lawlessly in and out of stores with arms full of free shit air world-wide.

Not to mentioned all the unspeakable human casualties.


At this point, I am past the finger pointing or the blame game.

I don't have all the answers but I believe we all have a role to play in the healing process. It is a collective responsibility for all Americans regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or political party.

It too easy to say no crime, no police, no brutality and it's counter-productive to demonstrate by chanting F*** the police. Both calcified positions just further antagonize, dehumanize and solidified stereotype misconceptions.

If the will is there...

Across the country a movement to build bridges and cement trust between the police and the citizens should happen with all due speed -- it serves the interest of all parties involved.

A humanization movement that includes a corporate, municipal and community partnerships that builds bridges from marginalized communities to mainstream.

MLK: I have a dream...

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