Sunday, May 17, 2015

Larry Wilmore on the Bush family Afirmative Action #notanotherbushinthetrees

Speaking about W, Lil Baby Bro Jeb tells us big bro is his Middle-East adviser:

"What you need to know is that who I listen to when I need advice on the Middle East is George W. Bush."

Did he really say that out loud, for all of us to hear?

Isn't that like the free throw challenged Dwight Howard seeking free throw consultation from Shaq...?

Come on Jeb, the trail of misery W left behind in the region is historically epic.

News Flash: Your own brother followed Tricky Dick Jr. (Cheney) and disregarded the sage advise warning him about the perils of invading Iraq by then Secretary of State Colin Powell:

In his advice to President George W. Bush before the Iraq invasion, Powell warned the president of the Pottery Barn rule: you break it, you own it. The United States would be responsible, Powell implied, for whatever wreckage the military incurred in its headlong dash to unseat Saddam Hussein. source

These latest Jeb version of Bushisms (definition: beyond the pale dumb-ass Bush family quotes) reminds me of the all time best family quote via Big Mamma Bush:

"We've had enough Bushes' in White House" source

Allow me to add, I strongly concur and let's put a stop to the Bush Family Affirmative Action Plan!

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