Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ted Cruz:" I was against it before I needed it."

Senator Jim Kerry: "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."

Ah, the political art of the flip-flop.:

A "flip-flop" (used mostly in the United States), U-turn (used in the United Kingdom, Ireland), or backflip (used in Australia and New Zealand) is a sudden real or apparent change of policy or opinion by a public official, sometimes while trying to claim that both positions are consistent with each other. Often it will occur during the period prior to or following an election in order to maximize the candidate's popularitysource

George Herbert Bush: "Read my lips, no new taxes."

Poor George...

Even though his broken pledge helped fuel an American economic boon, he was (and will be) forever hammered by GOP tax fundamentalist -- gotta protect their only clients the one percenters --for breaking their 11th commandment.

This brings us to the Texas senator and presidential candidate Ted Wacko Bird Cruz.

Instead of the traditional flip-flop he seems to prefer the blackflip version:

"I was against it before I needed it"

Yes, his self declared mission in life was to destroy and repeal Obamacare. Until he and his family needed it.

And now this bird of a strange feather has found another heart felt political virtue to blackflip out of:

Big government relief and support for extreme natural disasters.

Ted Cruz, the same Tea Party Senator that voted against aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy because it was “wasteful“, shows off his astonishing hypocrisy by announcing that he will work with Democrats to “stand as one in support of the federal government meeting its statutory obligations.

It turns out that Texas is the biggest recipient of federal disaster relief money in the country, as 46 counties are in a state of emergency. For all the railing that Ted Cruz does against “big government” and “wasteful spending”, he sure is quick to change his tune.

The disaster in Texas is an absolute tragedy, but it’s equally appalling to see Cruz flip-flop after attempting to deny critical disaster relief to other Americans for partisan brownie points. This is a real recurring theme with Republicans, who lack the empathy and compassion to spend federal money on disaster relief for other Americans but clamor for it when bad times hit their own states.

Isn't this the same Texas that threatened to secede from the Union; and deployed State Guard to stave off Obama takeover.

Let the clown car motorcade rev up...

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