Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Conservative Perspective

The following views are expressed by a conservative associate of mine from the social network called In the true spirit of civil discourse, I invited him to share some of his politicals views on the current hot button issues. Hit me up and share what you think.


As a conservative, I thought I would shed some light on my points of view. (Remember I speak for me and not the conservatives)

To begin, let us put aside the labels of Republican and Democrat because they are misleading when talking about Liberals and Conservatives. There are many conservative democrats and some liberal republicans.

I want to cover a few of the topics of the day from a conservative point of view.

Lets start with Healthcare. We really should call it insurance reform because our system of medicine and doctors is the best in the world. I agree that something needs to be done with health insurance. Obviously everyone should be able to be covered. I do not think you will find anyone who disagrees with this point. The disagreement comes in the approach to doing it.

The conservatives you see who are against the proposed bill are so for certain reasons. If you look at our government run programs, fact is they are running at huge deficits. We need to get people who have preexisting conditions covered. I think we should pass a bill that mandates all insurance companies cover everyone regardless of conditions. This bill should take regulation away from the states (blue sky laws) and give it to the federal government and allow competition across state lines. Why is it that in NJ where I live, I have my choice of 6 health insurance providers, however there are thousands of insurance companies in the US? The other thing I would put in the bill is tort reform. Not total, but eliminating the frivolous suits would in all effect help with the costs.

This is something that could be implemented tomorrow and cost very little if anything. Now to everyone who says this wouldn't work, I say, then if it doesn't we implement some of the other ideas. This would be much better than the monstrosity of a bill they have now.

Abortion is another issue and reasonable people can debate it all day long and never agree. There are many other forms of birth control readily available which are much cheaper. The issue of Roe vs. Wade is pointless as well because if overturned (and I do not feel it ever will be), it just means that the decision goes back to the states, it doesn't prohibit the procedure entirely. As for it's application in health care, It should be treated as an elective procedure.

Jobs are at the top of most peoples concerns and what I feel is what we should be spending our time as a government on. We need initiatives that will help to create jobs. Not just temporary jobs, but lasting ones. This is something that the private sector has done over the years and with some help can do again. Initiatives such as tax deductions for expansion of business.

I am not a big proponent of bailouts. No business is too big to fail. That is how our free market system works.

Lastly I believe we need to learn to be self sufficient. In these tough economic times we need to learn self restraint. I know we always want the newest gadget but sometimes e are better served saving our pennies for a rainy day.

Benjamin. I want to thank you for inviting me to post my views and if anyone wants to comment or talk to me please feel free.

Thank you,


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