Sunday, March 14, 2010

Justice is Blind or Blind Justice

This just in: Virginia Thomas, wife of ultra-conservative and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has launched a Tea Party non-profit group. She cites President Obama's, "hard-left agenda" as the reason for her activism.

Her Tea Party-linked organization, Liberty Central, Inc, as the LA Times reports, will be advocating for conservative core principles.

Funny thing, she decries anyone that complains about a conflict in interest as having a double standard because they do not question Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell - whose wife is a prosecutor.

Ms. Thomas, please, Ms. Rendell rules on criminal cases, in contrast, your husband votes on what laws and policies of our land are constitutional. In plain simple terms, he decides about issues you directly advocate for or against.

For the complete story, follow the link LA Times

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