Monday, June 21, 2010

That Inner Voice

From time to time, I catch myself being a people pleaser. I am learning to check myself when I fall into this mode because I believe it blocks my purpose or journey.

Regardless of how hard we try, to say or do the right thing to please everyone around us, we are bound to disappoint or piss off someone. So why even try?

By that I don't mean become a cold-blooded person that lacks compassion. No, I mean we need to strive to follow that inner voice - that divine voice we all have within.

Additionally, when we live to please everyone (in a misguided effort to have everyone approve of us or like us) we are suppressing our emotions and living a lie.

Now, we all have that one person, friend or family member that by placating to their demands, we lose ourself in the process. Ironically, these people rarely show appreciation or reciprocation. They begin to believe it's their god given right to intrude upon your peace.

Reject the impulse and follow your instinct - peace of mind is on this road.

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