Friday, July 2, 2010


The first step down the road of finding your inner voice is to construct boundaries - in short, find your safety zone. Find that place away from the constant chatter and noise; a place where you can go to reflect on your past (non-judgemental) and contemplate where you want life to take you.

Next, organize a practical plan of action; and, move into action with all deliberate speed. Be aware that progress is painstaking and not without ups and downs or zigs and zags. Miss-steps are not a sign of failure. As a matter of fact, failure is not a sign of failure.

In the journey, let us avoid or keep at bay people with sloppy lives. For whatever reason, misery likes company. Learn to detect the woe is me crowd because they will sabotage (if you let them in your safety zone) your journey.

Lastly, in your plan of action, make sure you have benchmarks that identify incremental progress. Reaching or surpassing our benchmarks helps reassure that we are on the right path; or it informs us we need a better strategy. We should celebrate, reflect and rededicate each benchmark victory - even, or especially, the so-called baby steps. Peace

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