Friday, November 5, 2010

Kanye West and George Bush

For the record, I am not a Kanye West fan. I think the brother is talented, but his talent is dwarfed by his oversized ego. Furthermore, his ill tempered rants (in particular, grabbing the mic from Taylor Swift in order to express his deluded thoughts on why she did not deserve to win over Beyonce at the 2009 VMAs) are reprehensible.

In acknowledgement of the above, I was absolutely floored by former President Bush's revelation, in his soon to be released memoir, exclaiming that West's off script rant in the aftermath of Katrina (during a televised fundraiser) - "President Bush don't care about black people" - was his "all time" lowest moment in his presidency.


His all time low wasn't 911, the worst terrorist attack on American soil that happened on his watch.

It wasn't his failure in Iraq, in which thousands lost their life in a futile effort to find manufactured WMD.

It wasn't even the suffering people endured post Katrina while waiting for a virtually non-responsive federal government.

It wasn't even the near collapse of the American economy/banking system that resulted in trillions of lost investment dollars, millions of lost jobs and millions of families losing their homes.

Nope...former President Bush's low point was when Kanye "Never Miss a Grand Opportunity to Embarrass Himself" West, hurt his feelings.

Wow, Mr. Bush, stay a private citizen and please don't leave your ranch. President Obama is currently catching hell because the country is pissed off about the mess you left and because he can't fix in two years what took you and your cronies eight years to mess up.

We do not need your memoirs to remind us about low moments in your failed presidency...we are currently still suffering through them.

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