Thursday, March 18, 2010


Finally, someone in mainstream press standing up and speaking the obvious, FOX AIN'T FAIR.

Howard Raines, former editor of the New York Times, writes in the Washington Post:

Why haven't America's old-school news organizations blown the whistle on Roger Ailes, chief of Fox News, for using the network to conduct a propaganda campaign against the Obama administration -- a campaign without precedent in our modern political history? Through clever use of the Fox News Channel and its cadre of raucous commentators, Ailes has overturned standards of fairness and objectivity that have guided American print and broadcast journalists since World War II. Yet, many members of my profession seem to stand by in silence as Ailes tears up the rulebook that served this country well as we covered the major stories of the past three generations, from the civil rights revolution to Watergate to the Wall Street scandals. This is not a liberal-versus-conservative issue. It is a matter of Fox turning reality on its head with...

He adds:

Why has our profession, through its general silence -- or only spasmodic protest -- helped Fox legitimize a style of journalism that is dishonest in its intellectual process, untrustworthy in its conclusions and biased in its gestalt?

For the complete story click Fox ain't fair.

Monday, March 15, 2010

When Do You Lose The Right To Complain?

I have nothing elaborate, complicated or profound to say. I am just curious on how many feel as I do. We all know people that if complaining were a job, they would be a top earner.

Well, how many people think that if you fail to contribute or participate socially, politically or economically to problem solving you lose the right to complain?

I personally think it's either put up or shut up! If you are not willing to roll up the sleeves to work for change, leave my ears alone. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Is idle complaining how some people vent?

Or, am I correct, and we need to place a community moratorium on empty complaining? A wise man once said: Don't Curse the Darkness; Light a Candle.Cast your ballots.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Justice is Blind or Blind Justice

This just in: Virginia Thomas, wife of ultra-conservative and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has launched a Tea Party non-profit group. She cites President Obama's, "hard-left agenda" as the reason for her activism.

Her Tea Party-linked organization, Liberty Central, Inc, as the LA Times reports, will be advocating for conservative core principles.

Funny thing, she decries anyone that complains about a conflict in interest as having a double standard because they do not question Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell - whose wife is a prosecutor.

Ms. Thomas, please, Ms. Rendell rules on criminal cases, in contrast, your husband votes on what laws and policies of our land are constitutional. In plain simple terms, he decides about issues you directly advocate for or against.

For the complete story, follow the link LA Times