Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bill O'Reilly The Voice Of Reason?

Jon Stewart famously stated that FIX News has become so extreme that O'Reilly is now the FIX's voice of reason, and this is like being the skinniest kid at a fat camp.

Well, the skinniest fat kid is now trying to calm down the lunatic right (tea baggers) from driving our economy - and the world economy - off the cliff. When you have O'Reilly calling them hateful and crazy, it is truly time we take off the gloves with these folks (are you listening Mr. President - with all due respect).


Bill O'Reilly took some Republicans to task on his Thursday show, saying that they needed to stop their "craziness," tone down their "hateful rhetoric" and pass a debt ceiling increase.

"The only thing that can save Barack Obama at this point is craziness on the right," he said. "...It's not only going to hurt the Republican party, which has already been hurt, but it's going to save President Obama who they hate."

"Exactly," Ingraham said.

"The irony is, the people who dislike President Obama the most...are helping him the most," O'Reilly said. "You've got to stop this hateful rhetoric. Some of the rhetoric is so'd spin your head around. You have to say, listen, we're at a point in the history when we have to save the country."
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As one commentor rhetorically pondered: Did Hell Freeze Over?

Look, Tea Baggers are by-in-large a FIX created Frankenstein. FIX News planted the seeds and nourished the growth - and now the beast is (as even O'Reilly and the very conservative Laura Ingraham agree) out of control with their hate speech.

FIX News if you are upset and befuddled, you have no one to blame but yourself!

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  1. Those Republicans and Tea Party Extremist trying to do to President Obama what they've done to the rest of us black folks. Ruin his credit and make him default on his loans so that he has bad credit and drive his interest rates up.