Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dr. Runoko Rashidi Presents: African Glory and Majesty

Where you can find me tonight:

Dr Runoko Rashidi will return to Banneker City DC on Saturday July 30th, 2011 for a Lecture and Slide Presentation on AFRICAN GLORY & MAJESTY:

The event is co-sponsored by Baye Services and the Garvey's Voice. It will be held at The Tree of Life Public Charter School 2315- 18th Place NE WDC. Between 4PM to 8PM. Runoko will be publicly sworn in as UNIA-ACL Traveling Ambassador by the UNIA-ACL President General Senghor Jawara Baye.

He will be just returning from Egypt. Runoko has now traveled to over 100 countries and continues to share vital information on our global African Presence the world over. While serving as an active member of the UNIA-ACL for many years and also serving as an Associate Editor for the Garvey's Voice, he has been an Garveyite for over 30 years.

The event will also feature PaPa Aziz the Master Drummer, an African Market Place and Food Sales. Donation is $10.00 and advance tickets can be purchase at Blue Nile Trading Company 2826 Georgia Ave NW WDC or by calling 202-256-2518 or 202-427-6116.

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