Saturday, July 2, 2011

Raising Cain

ATLANTA (AP) — Bolstered by support from his loyal radio talk-show audience and tea party backers, businessman Herman Cain has revved up mainstream conservatives, rising recently to third place in a poll of voters in Iowa, the leadoff caucus state.

In his pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination, Cain's views on the economy and his fiery delivery have resonated with some in the GOP. His campaign has also been marked by controversy, including his comment that he would not want a Muslim bent on killing Americans in his administration. Just this week, Cain accused comedian Jon Stewart of disliking him because he is an "American black conservative."

Cain told Abel his brother. And it came about when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him

How apropos that a man named Cain has been propped up to metaphorically slay his brother, and to provide Tea Party activists cover for their thinly veiled racist rants against President Obama.

He relishes the role of declaring:

"I left that Democrat plantation a long time ago--and I ain't going back


"To all of those people who say that the Tea Party is a racist organization, eat your words."

Don't get me wrong, living in America, we are all entitled to our politics and opinions. I applaud Mr. Cain for having the conviction and courage to advocate his political beliefs.

My issue with Cain and many GOP black conservatives is that - more often than not - they feel compelled to out European the Europeans in their delivery. They tend to be oblivious to racism unless they are being attacked by the progressives. Then it becomes a high tech lynching (thank you Clarence Thomas)

And likewise, Cain ignores and dismisses all racism by Tea Party folks but mock him - as Jon Stewart did - and he is quick to play the race card.

The relationship of Cain and the right is quid pro quo:

He gets: Fortune, board memberships and fame.
They get: Validation of not being racist - "See even the black guy (Cain rejects being called African American) doesn't think the birther movement is rooted in racism."

As one writer stated: To be black and conservative is to reject everything about the politics of racial grievance and victimology

And I might add, they only see and yell racism when they personally are the victims.

This is my issue with Black Conservatives.

BTW, does anyone believe he has a snowball chance in hell of being the GOP nominee?

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