Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time Magazine: White Washes History - No Blacks Pictured in 9/11 Commemorative

No Blacks Pictured in 9/11 Commemorative?

When I received this e-mail (thanks Russell) my immediate response was, this has got to be another one of these Urban myths.

Certainly, a national magazine of the statue of Time would never do a 10 year commemorative pictorial edition dedicated to 911 and omit people of color.

Well apparently - and sadly - this is not another Urban myth.

When publishing a 911 time capsule (pun intended), Time - with an editorial board that is color challenged - decided to overlook the stories of pain, triumph and heroics of people of color.

Time magazine this week published "Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience," a photo-rich commemorative edition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. No identifiable African Americans are pictured in its 64 pages.

Asked about the omission, Time spokesman Kerri Chyka said by email: "TIME is declining to comment at this time."

The issue is published at a time in its history when the magazine apparently has no African American editors.

"There certainly are African Americans on Time's masthead," spokeswoman Ali Zelenko told Journal-isms by email. However, she did not respond when asked to name them. The masthead lists other staffers in addition to editors.

"I will reiterate that diversity has been, and remains, an important priority at Time," Zelenko said.

A Time announcement said, "To create this special edition, award-winning photographer Marco Grob worked with the editors of TIME to produce an astonishing set of forty portraits coupled with dramatic oral histories from survivors and leaders including George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, General David Petraeus], George Pataki, Rudolph Giuliani, Valerie Plame Wilson, Tom Brokaw, Daisy Khan, Howard Lutnick, James Yee, and many more. Additionally, for the very first time, the only four survivors of the attack on Tower Two of the World Trade Center who were above the point of impact tell their stories."
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Kind of curious, to say the least, how can you chronicle Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and not Secretary of State Colin Powell?

How can you include Paul Wolfowitz - who was not even a senior cabinet member - and exclude National Security Advisor Condolizza Rice?

While on the subject of 911 and 10th anniversary, Toure on MSNBC best raps up my sentiment regarding the commercialized and sensationalized reporting:

Need I say more...


  1. Good info Ben... this is why there is a need for alternative media i.e. latino and black press. Mainstream news just plays to the stereotype narratives

  2. I just read this PC garbage and you liberals are always playing the race card. You guys always yelling victim.

  3. Let your history slowly be erased from the world then come talk about the race card. The undeniable truth was told nothing more. Good job Ben.

  4. @Anon no. 1: Funny how racist want to continue their behavior and never be challenged. They want impunity for thei actions. Not on my watch. Matter of fact, people who think as you are the race card players and not the people that defend against racism.