Friday, September 16, 2011

Tyler Perry tops Forbes Hollywood list

Tyler Perry is laughing all the way to the bank.

The comedian-actor-producer extraordinaire has topped the Forbes list of the highest-paid men in entertainment with $130 million in earnings from May 2010 to May of this year, thanks in part to his "Madea" movie franchise
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Many artistic and intellectual snobs loathe Perry's movies and sitcoms. They say, Perry's entertainment is low brow humor that depicts African-Americans in a buffoonish and caricatured image.

I disagree, Perry's characters can be over-the-top and his movies do follow a predictable formula, but Perry's characters - in their outrageous presentation - are endearing and they dispense a down home and much needed wisdom.

His entertainment appeals to a community weary of Boyz In The Hood, New Jack City, Menace To Society, Booty Call, Dead Presidents, Juice, Mo Money, Tales From The Hood and on and on...

His themes are about family, community, spirituality and overcoming adversity no matter how downtrodden one may be.

Additionally, Perry builds studios, employs black actors, directors, writers, camera crews, make up artists, set designers, and other behind the scene specialists.

Perry has demonstrated the power of the black dollar when organized and developed - it can make us richer and create job opportunities for our community.

To the haters:

We need many more Tyler Perrys in many other genres as well. Use his template and do you.

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