Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jon Stewart: I gonna miss my Herman Cain muse

Jon Stewart laments on how the exit of Herman Cain, as a GOP contender for president, will adversely affect comedians (himself) of all stripes. Without Mr. 9-9-9, comedians, spoiled by the gift that kept on giving (Cain), will now have to work again to be funny.

But alas, hope is still in the air because the GOP Three Ring Circus has a new Clown front and center - Newt Gingrich.


  1. Something tells me that Mr. Black Walnut will provide comedic material for all for quite sometime.

    Ego combined with being in the spotlight can be very addicting to some.

  2. @invisible man...u hit the nail on the head...Mr 999 does not have the sense to sit his azz...welcome back my friend...good to hear from u I was looking for your email so we could explore your ad concept. hit me up at bharv99@yahoo