Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long: HGP's Dubious Person of the Year

There is no longer a shred of suspense or mystery in HGP's Most Dubious Person of the Year 2011.

The (Dis) honor goes to - in no uncertain terms - Bishop Eddie Long.

The steep fall from grace has placed Eddie Long in the Hall Of Shame - and his fall is not over:

Mr. Long's 2011:

  • Rocked in late 2010 by a sexual harassment scandal by four young men claiming Long engaged in lewd sexual acts with them when they were in their late teens. Mr Long stated: I got five rocks (like David vs. Goliath) and I have not thrown one yet - in other words, bring it on.
  • But by May 2011, Long settled out of court for a reported $15 Million and an apology to his accusers.
  • Later in 2011, Bishop Eddie Long reached a settlement in a lawsuit that claims he and partners in a real estate venture defaulted on a $2 million bank loan.
  • In October 2011, Federal officials say they’re investigating issues surrounding investment seminars hosted by a metro Atlanta megachurch after some former members say they lost their retirement savings.
And now in late 2011, the Coup de grace:

Bishop Eddie Long said on Sunday at the New Birth Church that he was stepping down from the pulpit to focus on his family. His statement came after his wife sued for divorce following accusations of sexual misconduct against the pastor by former members.
With Long's exit, the future of the New Birth Missionary Church is uncertain as church members leave. The church, at the height of its prosperity under Long, had boasted 25,000 members but the numbers, according AP, are dwindling very fast as members disillusioned with the sex scandal are leaving the church. read more

Let's just pray that the fallen Bishop can find redemption in 2012; and that he understands the mighty potential of a mega church.

As I stated in May 2011 about the mega church failure:

Not to make light of Bishop Eddie Long's sordid affairs and troubles, but it raises the question of the role of the Black Church in an era of high crisis (we all know the statistical data) in the black community. Instead of using church funds and resources to buy mansions, private jets, exotic vacations, fancy cars (plural) and other extravagant material bling-bling, just maybe the church could use more resources to uplift our community from economic chaos and Depression like conditions.

But ultimately, if you have so many sheep so willing to be fleeced, you will always have a (Wolf) Bishop ready to pillage and plunder.

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