Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tea Party & Occupy Wall Street: The Ultimate Dream Team

From the get-go, the powerful elite have used divide and conquer tactics to keep the masses in check.

They have preyed upon our natural fears to continue to exploit and to stay in power -black vs white, right vs left, immigrant vs native born and so on and so on.

One cable network hollers from the right and another rants from the left. All sides are accused of having a secret agenda to take over or indoctrinate America for evil purposes.

Yes, we are locked in a cycle of demonizing our so-called adversaries. Rarely do the different sides respectfully listen to each other.

In reality, we all have much more in common than we realize. So, to borrow a basketball metaphor - The Dream Team - just think of the possibilities of the Tea Party and OWS movement teaming up.

You say, It can never happen- well...

In a Virginia art gallery, supporters of the two movements quietly explore the possibilities

RICHMOND, Va. — Members of the Occupy Richmond and local Tea Party movements found acres of common ground during an unlikely meeting held Tuesday at a police station-turned-art gallery in the city’s historic Jackson Ward neighborhood.
But first and foremost, the 12 men and women from seemingly polar spots on the political spectrum agreed on this: The meeting never happened.

“I think it’s all very, very important that we state very clearly that this was not a meeting between the Tea Party and the Occupy movement,” declared Donald Rallis, an Occupy Richmond member, as the meeting wound to a close. His sotto-voce assertion meets with a flurry of “up twinkle” hands — or vigorous head nods — depending on the individual’s political leanings.

In the context of two political movements where individual thought is prized — and where surreal events often influence outcomes – Rallis’ denial of reality made perfect sense.
“None of us want to be open to the accusation that we are trying to hijack the movement,” he explained.

If there is a hijacker at this unlikely meeting of the minds, it may well be Tom Robinson, a self-described “Archie Bunker to the Richmond Occupy movement” and founder of the Peninsula Patriots Tea Party chapter in Matthews, Va. Robinson orchestrated this unlikely summit after having a number of one-on-one discussions with Occupy members.

His plan firmed up after the two movements joined forces at a recent Richmond City Council meeting. Occupy Richmond members came to support the local Tea Party’s efforts to recoup $8,544.82 that the conservative group paid for permits to hold a rally in a city park where occupiers later camped free for more than two weeks.

This was not the first time Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party members have met. But it was among the first such meetings to be held with a stated objective of determining whether the two groups might cooperate on certain common issues. Robinson said that he hoped to spark an evolution for both organizations, which thus far have largely confined their public interactions to attacks on one another’s ideologies or grooming habits.

“We need to kiss and make up a little bit,” said Robinson, a Richmond entrepreneur and developer with a baby-smooth pate and a self-described ADHD-truncated attention span. “It might be a small step, but I’m hoping we can make a little bit of history here tonight. When I listen to either side, it becomes very clear … I feel that we have a lot of similarities.” read entire story

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