Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morning Joe: GOP presidential field is weak

Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough shared his low opinion of the current GOP presidential contenders on his MSNBC morning program. Scarborough, a former conservative Republican congressman, stated:

“I think part of the problem with the [Republican] presidential field that we have is you had a lot of candidates who realized the only way they could make a connection with voters - or raise money -was go on cable shows and instead of just disagreeing with their political opponents call them socialists or fascists or Marxists,” observed Scarborough, a former Republican congressmen from Florida. “Certainly you had that with Glenn Beck on Fox and some other shows. And it causes such a corrosive atmosphere and it makes good people not to run for political office.”
That said, Scarborough has not been shy about sharing his (low) opinion of the current Republican field.
“Without passing any judgment on their ideological positions,” he said, “this is the weakest presidential field in history. They don’t do the basics: they haven’t organized; all of them except for Mitt Romney are broke. It’s been a remarkably weak field.

Scarborough is dead-on correct. The GOP contenders drone on and on about their hate of all things Obama, but they offer no contrasting or workable solutions for middle-America. In lieu of a middle-class agenda, the GOP offers more of the same: More tax-cuts for the rich, more supply-side economics and less corporate regulation. In other words, more of the same policies that have been crushing the middle-class for the last 30 years. To make matters worse, they ballyhoo a middle-class agenda as being  socialism.

One Silver Lining: More and more respected GOP leaders, politicians and opinion shapers are beginning to speak out about the party's direction and need for a course correction. Let's hope it takes root.

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