Thursday, March 8, 2012

Detroit 300:hunting down baby killers

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) -- Detroit 300, the well-known crime fighting community organization, announced its plans to hunt down the killers of children in the city of Detroit. In the wake of the recent murder of 9-month-old Delric 'Miller IV, the group intends to target local hot spots where area gangs hang out as well.

"We don't care what gang, crew or clique you claim. When you kill babies in this city, you are our enemy. There is nothing to talk about," says The Detroit 300 president and founder Raphael B. Johnson. "We are not going to host prayer gatherings for you or hold a candlelight vigil for your transgressions against the community. We are going to hunt you down and bring you to justice."

The group plans to take a proactive approach to the senseless violence in the city by going directly into the most crime ridden neighborhoods as identified by Detroit Police crime analysis reports. This initiative, called One Hour of Power is geared to "show a commanding presence, encouraging hope and cooperation from citizens and shutting down crime."

Angelo B. Henderson, vice-president of The Detroit 300 and Newstalk AM 1200 and 99.9 FM radio personality says, "We understand the street code where people are reluctant to give information to the police. Well, we aren't the police, so just give us the information and we'll take it from there." read more

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