Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Romney and his 33 Billionaire Supporters

The conservative Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited corporate campaign contribution is having the predictable effect. The very rich and wealthy are spending obscene amounts of money to purchase what little political power they do not already possess.

Ergo, we have Romney -- corporations are people -- running to be their Puppet-In-Chief. The super PAC of billionaires is called Restore our future. This information was collected by a web site call Pinterest:

Pinterest, the huge image-sharing community, has just gotten more political. A Pinterest board called “Mitt Romney’s Billionaire Backers” tracks how much money the former Massachusetts governor has collected for the PAC Restore Our Future, a pro-Romney organization.
The two or three month old board has pinned 33 rich people, including Wal-Mart heir Jim Walton (worth $23.7 billion), Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman (worth $1.4 billion), and businessman Sam Zell (worth $4.9 billion). Each of these donors has given more than $120,000 to PAC Restore Our Future.  source

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  1. Harvey Delete the previous one like this I resubmit with my information. I am RE-posting your blog

    it's not political power they are after, they want to takeover America and do their venture capitalist thing. they have been planning it for over a decade Venture capitalist, when they take over a company, it's either a hostile takeover, or friendly takeover of undervalued companies. They can be in profit it losing money doesn't matter. The come in demand to see the balance sheets and then they make one of four decisions or a combination which provides the most profit. 1is it more profitable to manage it and keep it as it and bring it to value, set it up to look profitable and sell it whole, if it' going to fail anyway, they make it look profitable, load it up on debt, pocket the borrowed money strip it down and sell of parts and let the rest go bankrupt (this is a decision, or they break it up and sell off the parts to interested competitors. Whether it succeeds or goes bankrupt, it is a decision that is made, and no matter what happens to the workers they make money. Conservative, moderate and liberal workers all suffer. They force give backs on benefits or threaten to fire them if they don't take pay cuts so that workers can keep their jobs and the business alive, knowing full well it will go bankrupt as they squeeze every dollar that can get out of it. This is what these vultures will do to America. Romney and his billionaire partners/investors want a return on their investment in his campaign so they can OWN the Untied States as a personal business, they may divide America up between themselves (like Dr. Loveless in the wild wild west with Will Smith and Kevin Kline) They want to Own it Lock Stock and Barrel. They will make and control all the and regulation ) laws (that will fall upon the shoulders of Middle Class Families , and none for themand the courts and there will be nothing we can do about ti. Capital hill will become a ghost town, since they will no longer want to pay the lawmakers salaries and they will take the lawmakers pensions just like they do other takeover targets. This is what they do!