Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Texas Pastor and Wife Indicted for Allegedly Gambling Away $430K of Church Funds

Big money baby needs new SUV
As a teenager, I remember attending a church, in hindsight, that seemed like collecting money was their mission. 

We had multiple offerings throughout the service -- almost like commercial sponsor breaks on TV.

And they prepared folks to give up the loot just like a commercial. They preceded the offerings with a jingle -- you know, a gospel feel good song that had a nice hook: 

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine ohhh let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

I mean these folks passed the plate for: the building fund, mission offering, love offering. And after all these collections, the church leadership still expected the congregation to tithe an additional 10% of all your income. And they publicly displayed, on the door of the trustees' office, a chart of who gave what among the church members.

So, quite naturally when I continue to hear stories about misappropriation of church funds, I think about that church and where did all that loot go...

Read on:
A former pastor and his wife were indicted last week by a grand jury in Harris County, Texas for allegedly gambling away nearly $430,000 in church funds. The pair was charged with aggregate theft and "misapplication of fiduciary property."
Charles and Adriane Gilford, who were pastor and first lady of Bethel Institutional Missionary Baptist Church (BIMBC) in Houston, allegedly spent the money at the Coushatta Casino near Lake Charles between 2004 and 2007, before leaving the congregation five years ago.
Neither the Gilfords nor the Bethel Institutional Missionary Baptist Church have publicly commented on the charges, but former church members who went to church while Gilfords served there expressed their shock at the story and found it difficult to believe that a couple who had been so helpful to the community could have wasted so much of the congregation's money.
"And when I tell you impeccable people, outstanding people willing to help, I just, this is a little bit too much for me," expressed Regina Davis to KHOU-TV when she was informed of the couple's arrest.
"It doesn't make sense," added her son, Freddie Davis. "As far as I know, they are really genuine people, both Pastor Gilford and sister Gilford. They have been courteous and amazing over the years."
The charges, which were based on extensive financial records, could carry a sentence of anywhere between five years to life in prison. Adriane Gilford has a previous arrest from 2010 on a felony charge of writing bad checks in Calcasieu Parish, La. The Gilfords were each being held on $800,000 bail in the Harris County Jail, and are due in court on Monday. source
Don't you just love how after getting fleeced, church folk just swear up and down that these jack-legged minister were the salt of the earth?


  1. This is wild, $ 430,000 on gambling. We must question everything and everybody. Trust but verify.

  2. Doesn't surprise me at all.

  3. @Sunny...unfortunately it does not surprise me as well...what amazes me, however, how many new folks they continue to find to rip off.

  4. @JT yes we must verify...and on a larger note what does the Vatican spend their billions of dollars on: food drives for the poor, education for those outside an educational grid, AIDS awareness...just asking.