The GOP has been riven by internal conflicts between members who want to vote to defund the health care program once again, and members who have said the effort is doomed.
O'Reilly apparently agreed with the latter, as he made clear on his show.
"Fanaticism on the right is also harming the country," he said, adding, "There is no way Obamacare is going to be defunded. It is not going to happen."
O'Reilly then spoke to Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer, who wants to defund the program.
"What you are trying to impossible," he said. "Do you not know that?" He added, "I just think it's destructive to your cause."  source

The problem: Too much, Too little, Too late...

Fox Nation, including Billy O, were and are the neglectful parents of the Tea Party. They provided the Tea Party political cover and a platform with no accountability for their ignorant and miss-informed rants. Indeed, they praised their child's bad behavior (remember the summer 2009 Tea Party Town Hall rants that Obama wants to kill grandma).

As indulgent parents they now rue that their child now continues to throw insane temper tantrums at inopportune times.

As "artgardnr" commented on Huffington Post:

Bill has to be kidding. He riled up the fanatics and now he's trying to reign them in? The horse is out of the barn, Pandora's box is open, and the cat's out of the bag Bill. Have fun trying to corral them all in again. Maybe you can use your big mouth to capture them all.

Watch the video: