Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rubert Murdoch's NY Post deplorable coverage of the Boston Marrathon Bombing

Murdoch's corrupted
To state the obvious: Rupert Murdoch is a POS.

FOX nation

The man who has infected our nation with the radical right-wing FOX: The mis-News organization that preys on middle-America's fears and irrational xenophobia. Truth -- and ironically their motto Fair and Balanced -- are the antithesis of the extremely divisive propaganda FOX reports.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

President Obama: This is a pretty shameful day for Washington

NRA -- via Senatorial surrogates -- trashes any 2013 hope of sensible gun control.

NRA: "Mentally Ill, Criminals, Domestic Abusers and Terrorist deserve guns"

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Senate rejected bipartisan legislation Wednesday aimed at tightening restrictions on the sale of firearms, rejecting repeated appeals from President Barack Obama and personal pleas by families of the victims of last winter's mass elementary school shooting in Connecticut.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dennis Rodman: Secretary of the State?

BFF's Kim and Dennis
North Korean 20 something leader, Kim Jong-Un, has been acting very menacing -- in a Dr. Strangelove sort of way. Mr. Kim has issued the dire threat: Time Has Come to Settle Accounts' with United States.

North Korea, in recent weeks, has threatened to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on the United States.
It is under various U.N. sanctions for its programs to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

The reclusive and impoverished state is believed to have a small number of nuclear warheads but not the capability to effectively deploy them on long-range missiles. 

Africa Continues to Grow Strongly Despite Global Slowdown, Although Significantly Less Poverty Remains Elusive

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2013 – Economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa is likely to reach more than 5 percent on average in 2013-2015 as a result of high commodity prices worldwide and strong consumer spending on the continent, ensuring that the region remains amongst the fastest growing in the world -- according to the World Bank’s latest Africa’s Pulse, a twice-yearly analysis of the issues shaping Africa’s economic prospects.
In 2012, about a quarter of African countries grew at 7 percent or higher and a number of African countries, notably Sierra Leone, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Rwanda, are among the fastest growing in the world.

The new World Bank report forecasts that medium-term growth prospects remain strong and will be supported by a gradually improving world economy, consistently high commodity prices, and more investment in regional infrastructure, trade, and business growth.  read entire story

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kobe Bryant: Career ending injury?

Since the retirement of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant has been the closest thing to number 23 in the NBA.

Granted, even Lakers fans confess, Kobe is far from being as endearing as MJ. But no one can argue his dominance. Here's a quick glance of what the Black Mamba has achieved:

So far in his NBA career that started (17) years ago, Kobe Bryant has won 5 championships, earned 14 selections for All-NBA teams and 12 for All-Defensive teams. He has also led the league in scoring twice, won the Slum Dunk challenge and got 4 All-Star Game MVPs in 14 appearances.
He won his Season MVP in 2007-08, won the Finals MVP in the next two years and the list of his achievements.
Greatness aside: Has the Achilles tendon tear ended the Bryant era?