Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Golden State Coach Mark Jackson gets the axe?

Last era of Warrior greatness
For decades the Golden State Warriors were a very dependable team -- you could count on them losing. Season after season; player after player; coach after coach nothing changed.

The last time the Warriors were relevant Rich Barry -- with his underhand free-throw -- was playing and Al Attles was coaching..

Rick Barry is 70 years old and Big Al is 77.

Since the Barry/Attles championship in 1975 -- outside of a sprinkle of success here and there -- the Warriors have been in NBA purgatory (constantly rebuilding).

The Mark Jackson era.

After almost 40 years of struggle, the MJ era marked a re-embrace of the winning attitude:

Jackson went 121-109 in three seasons with the Warriors, a stint that will be remembered for the way he helped turn a perennially losing franchise into a consistent winner and the bold, bombastic way in which he did it.

He guaranteed Golden State would make the playoffs in his first season, but the Warriors finished 23-43 after the NBA labor lockout. They went 47-35 last season and had a memorable run to the second round of the playoffs, and they were 51-31 this season before losing to the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round.

The Warriors had not made the playoffs in consecutive years since the 1990-91 and 1991-92 seasons. They had made the playoffs once in 17 years before Jackson.

"Obviously (the decision) was not made exclusively on wins and losses," Joe Lacob (team owner) said.  (emphasis added) source

NBA insiders, not the least surprised by the firing, are saying MJ did not kiss enuff owner/GM ass and was perceived to be a bit uppity.

Hey Mark, don't be dismayed, you are not alone, the Big O (President Obama) is catching heat for many of the same reasons. Many in that wealthy 1% crowd -- under O they have record profits and still are crying the blues -- prefer their Negroes to be Clarence Thomas types.

Sadly, doing a great job doesn't cut it...

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