Friday, May 9, 2014

North Korea unleashes racist slurs against Obama

Jiminy Crickets!!!

Ole boy, over there in North Korea -- Dennis Rodman's Asian BFF -- just went racist HAM on President Obama.

This mofo had the stones to release the following from his state controlled press:

North Korea is notorious for inflammatory, warlike rhetoric against its rivals South Korea and the U.S. but had rarely used racial slurs in its verbal attacks. Pyongyang's tone has grown angrier in recent weeks as it threatens to conduct a fourth nuclear test.

In a lengthy May 2 dispatch released only in Korean, Pyongyang's Korean Central News Agency published comments from a factory worker who said Obama has the "shape of a monkey" and made many other crude insults.

"It would be better for him to live with other monkeys at a wild animal park in Africa ... and licking bread crumbs thrown by onlookers," worker Kang Hyok at Chollima Steel Complex was quoted as saying.  source

Kim Jong Un -- man-child with nukes -- demonstrated his utter lack of statesmanship and basic dignity. Perhaps he mistakenly thought he was retaliating against the American president (George W Bush) that called his father, Kim Jon Il, a beady eyed little pigmy.


Perhaps he didn't want Fox & friends, the Tea Party, Ted Nugent and company to have all the can-you-top-this racial smear type of  fun.

Anyway, I suggest Mr. Un spend less time hanging with D-Rod or Nuke testing and more time
feeding his starving country.

He probably could feed a few thousand by just sharing what's on his dinner plate alone.

Seriously, Mr. Un, before you crack on anyone else, please look in the mirror.


Better yet, just look
at the pic of you and D-Rod: nothing short of two highly delusional hot messes.


What else can you expect from a deranged dictator capable of the following crimes against humanity:

The family of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un clearly doesn’t get any special treatment.

The iron-fisted ruler ordered the execution of all blood relatives of uncle Jang Song Theak, who was killed by the government last year, according to reports.

"All relatives of Jang have been put to death, including even children," an anonymous source told the South Korean news agency Yonhap on Sunday.

Among those slain were Jang’s sister, Jang Kye Sun, Pyongyang’s ambassador to Cuba Jon Yong Jin, a nephew of Jang and his two sons, the outlet reported.  source

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