Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When Fox News Didn't Blame The (GOP) President For Beheadings

Embedded image permalinkUnlike today, the president in 2004 was completely blameless in the beheading deaths, according to Fox News.   Read More

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  1. If you're expecting the hard right to ever be anything but opposed to Obama, you'll be sorely disappointed. (And, by "completely blameless," I'll take that to mean amongst the hard right. Bush was never blameless of anything to the hard left.)

    Though from a more nonpartisan perspective: Something the folks within the skeptic community have been talking about, a lot of people (who, by the way, loathe Bush) feel utterly confused about America's role with Obama at the helm. I think it's safe to say, whether one thinks the man is the Devil incarnate or the second coming, his entire political career has been about staying out of conflicts. He is the personification of a Finnish president. I don't mean that as an insult; just an observation. One that is shared by many of his supporters, in the sense that they view him as far more European, part-of-the-world, as they want America to be; whereas Bush was America-first, superpower, gung-ho, let's shoot something.

    Bush, before being hated by the overwhelming majority of Americans, including a very large percentage of Republicans, was able to unite people. Whether you agreed or disagreed with his message, and whether in hindsight it was a lie or a miscalculation, the message was nevertheless clear.

    Obama's message kinda weaves and meanders, even in the same speech. He is absolutely phenomenal at giving an inspirational speech about wealth disparity and subsequently getting those that way inclined to chant things like "Yes we can." But dealing with this type of situation, he seems very lost. Very in over his head.

    When he's able to act as the proverbial button man, giving the go-ahead for bin Laden or for indiscriminate drone attacks, he comes across as decisive. When a threat is growing, mounting and attacking, when he doesn't have it held down awaiting a swing, he seems very sporadic and inarticulate and wishy-washy on what's to be done. And in many ways, there is nothing he can do about that. Being a badass isn't his character. And, like it or not, many Americans simply want someone they can see as a badass when they fear another terror attack.

    One criticism I keep hearing is that he doesn't even have a plan to make a plan.

    This is the reality. In 2004, Americans weren't seeing pictures of the beheadings on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. We were still at the height of war, with many still actually supporting the war. The perception of time goes faster the older you get; it's a proven theory. So it's hard to believe that we're 10 years removed from '04 now. Seems like yesterday. But much has changed. And it's not only the right holding Obama to account; it's many people who despise conservatives so much that they wouldn't lean on the right wing if it was the only way to stop their plane from crashing.

    Like it or not, it's not just a wingnut thing. Obama comes across as a very ineffective leader to everyone but his ardent supporters. And, please, don't take my word for it. Check out the non-progressive liberal community, the skeptics and non-"plus" atheists, etc. Fair or not, he's getting a lot of blame for being an Orator-in-Chief, and not even a good one of late.

    There's been no big moment here to gather enough around. The last speech seemed a bit tougher, but who was really buying it at that point?