Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Treasure Trove or Trash

When the proverbial wise man says, One man's trash is another man's treasure; he could be referring to comments after Internet articles.

They run the gamut, some are sadistic, hateful, insightful, small-minded, entertaining, xenophobic and some, yes, are even hilarious.

If our eyes are windows to our souls, these anonymous comments are a port to one's inner thoughts. In our PC era, these comments represent:
So what do you really think?

So, from time to time, I want to shine the light on comments that, for better or worse, caught my attention:

Today's source comes from a Yahoo story about the talent challenged GOP 2012 potential presidential field. This writer, The Brave One, sums up the reason - their base demands:

Actually,...I think it's more about the immaturity of a large number of the supporters (GOP). It's easy for someone like Trump (loud mouth with money) to come along and say a few chosen catch phrases and get them riled.

How do you get the birthers on board? Question Obama's birth certificate. (check)
How do you get the Tea Party on board? Dish on the government and the spending. (check)
How do you get the fundamentals on board? Find God all of a sudden. (check)

It's easy once you know the programming.

Out of the mouth of commenters...

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