Saturday, May 7, 2011

Powell: Obama trumped birthers

By ASSOCIATED PRESS | 05/06/11 10:27 PM

ORANGEBURG, S.C. - Colin Powell told graduates of South Carolina's premier historically black university that they were graduating during a tumultuous time that saw a royal wedding, a pope's beatification and a U.S. military assault that killed Osama bin Laden, "the worst person on earth."

But the former secretary of state and Joint Chiefs chairman told South Carolina State University's 400 graduates on Friday that he particularly enjoyed another recent event: "That was when President Obama took out his birth certificate and blew away Donald Trump and all the birthers!"

The stadium roared in approval of Powell's comments on the president's move last week to quell the doubts of those who don't believe he was born in Hawaii. The retired Army four-star general endorsed Obama's 2008 presidential bid.

Earlier Friday, Powell was made an honorary member of the school's ROTC hall of fame.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bush To Obama: Thanks But No Ebony and Ivory Show

A spokesman for George W. Bush says the former president has declined an invitation from President Barack Obama to attend an observance at New York’s ground zero.

Obama plans to visit the site of the destroyed World Trade Center towers Thursday in the aftermath of a Navy SEALs raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The al-Qaida attack, which killed about 3,000 people, occurred in the early months of Bush’s presidency in 2001.

Just think about the symbolic and historic gesture this could have been. Two US presidents, one black - one white, one a Democrat - one a Republican, both coming together, transcending the hyper-partisanship of our era,
Ebony And Ivory Live Together In Perfect Harmony Side By Side On My Piano Keyboard Oh Lord, Why Don't We?
in order to pay respect to fellow Americans that lost there lives in the worse attack on USA soil in history.

But once again, the hard-core right, never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity of rising above their child like, insular and hate filled rancor.

Bush's reason:

...spokesman, David Sherzer, says the former president appreciated the offer to attend but has chosen to remain out of the spotlight during his post-presidency.

I recall, Bush requested the services of his father and Bill Clinton, to come into the spotlight to help the 2004 Asian tsunami victims. Bush I and Clinton, rightfully so, accepted the call to duty without equivocation.

My gut tells me, Mr. Bush's reluctance stems from:

1. Pride - President Obama's success brings attention to his failure to capture bin Laden.

2. Petty partisanship - His political bedfellows are locked in a campaign to not only discredit the president, they want to question the legitimacy of his presidency. I do not think Bush shares the views of Birthers, Tea Baggers and Sarah Paliners but his failure to use his mega-phone to refute these fringe kooks speaks volumes.

The recurring theme, proven over and over, the vanguards of the GOP right - who appeared to be calling the shots these days - hate unity. As purveyors of hate, they prosper or gain power in a divided country and President Obama represents change they do not believe in.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Readers Speak

The following was submitted by my good friend and supporter, Hakim. He emailed me his response to my post Trumped or Checkmated; and I wanted to share it.

The truth of the matter is some people still have doubts when it comes to Pres. Obama's birthplace, even when he went out of his way to prove that.

John King of CNN stated:
"A small slice of this pie are people who heard it so much on talk radio, and other places, they just believe it. Another slice of the pie are people who can't come to terms with the fact that we have a African American president. They won't say that publicly because they know how shameful it would be to say that - so this is what they are hiding behind."

I guess the fact is no matter what he said, or presented, people that don't care for our president will still continue to find ways to ridicule and discredit
him - in anyway they can.

It's this slice of the pie that is scary, it is these people that we should just ignore, and let them choose to live in their own world.

I must say, the Correspondence Dinner party the other night, was a joy to watch. The president covered all of his bases and it was quite humorous as well. I could see the agony in the trumpsters face. Truly an aha moment.

Game over for you Mr. Trump. I think its quite clear and very obvious, Trump may know Real Estate, but our president (on a different playing field) knows and understands so much more - particularly politics

It's like sparring in the ring with a heavyweight champ...I guess a little more practice for 2012 won't hurt our president.

Treasure Trove or Trash

When the proverbial wise man says, One man's trash is another man's treasure; he could be referring to comments after Internet articles.

They run the gamut, some are sadistic, hateful, insightful, small-minded, entertaining, xenophobic and some, yes, are even hilarious.

If our eyes are windows to our souls, these anonymous comments are a port to one's inner thoughts. In our PC era, these comments represent:
So what do you really think?

So, from time to time, I want to shine the light on comments that, for better or worse, caught my attention:

Today's source comes from a Yahoo story about the talent challenged GOP 2012 potential presidential field. This writer, The Brave One, sums up the reason - their base demands:

Actually,...I think it's more about the immaturity of a large number of the supporters (GOP). It's easy for someone like Trump (loud mouth with money) to come along and say a few chosen catch phrases and get them riled.

How do you get the birthers on board? Question Obama's birth certificate. (check)
How do you get the Tea Party on board? Dish on the government and the spending. (check)
How do you get the fundamentals on board? Find God all of a sudden. (check)

It's easy once you know the programming.

Out of the mouth of commenters...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Trumped or Checkmated

"Donald Trump has been saying he will run for president as a Republican, which is surprising because I just assumed that he was running as a joke,"
Seth Meyers

Donald, outside of folks in Palin Country, you are the joke and we are laughing at you.

BTW, it appears Obama is practically daring Trump to run.
It's called chess not checkers!

Finally, Meldupree, on the Washington Post comment post board wrote:

President Obama publicly punked Trump at the Correspondent Dinner last night; tonight he announces the death of Osama bin Laden. A good weekend indeed, Mr. President!

And, Navymanbz, on Yahoo comment board wrote,

Geesh! Donal Trump and his silly birther thing. President Obama was working on something historic and you tried to side track his thoughts on something so silly. Shame of you!
Obama got Osama!
The real "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" fellow Americans!

Obama Got Osama

Barack Obama proves critics wrong

New York Daily News Report

The critics say Barack Obama is our first "post-American President" - the one who doesn't believe in the war on terrorism or in American exceptionalism.

This is the one who's making us systematically weaker in the world.

Yet he's the one who just announced that after almost 10 years of fruitlessly pursuing Osama bin Laden, we finally got the mad killer.

Read More: